legal Services at an affordable hourly rate, flat fee or a combination of both

Family LAW

Let us protect your rights in a separation by helping you seek the relief you are entitled to, including custody, access, property equalization, child support and spousal support.

If you and your partner have reached a consensus on most issues, we can prepare or review a separation/divorce agreement and file for an uncontested divorce.

If you are thinking of marrying or moving in with your partner, we can help you prepare a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement.

real estate

To ensure that your real estate sale or purchase close smoothly, we will review your agreement of purchase & sale and status certificate, prepare all appropriate closing documents, conduct title search to protect your rights as a purchaser, and work with your financial institution to handle your mortgage/loan situation.

If you are thinking of altering your mortgage/loan, we can help you complete you refinancing. We can also assist in other forms of transfer of title/ownership of a property.



Whether you are the landlord of a residential or commercial property, we can draft, review and negotiate a lease that suits your needs and preserves your rights in the event of a future dispute. 

If you are the tenant leasing a residential or commercial property, we can review a lease with you and negotiate the terms so that it better serves your interests.



Your will and powers of attorney should be regularly reviewed and updated as your circumstances change, such as marriage or divorce. 

If you are an estate trustee, we can help you with the complex issues that you may face in distributing the estate properly.

We can also help you with will challenges, support applications, passing of accounts, and guardianship applications.


For your convenience, we offer notarization and commissioning services. We can witness oaths or solemn affirmations, sign affidavits or statutory declarations, and certify documents as true copies of the originals.


If you disagree with a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decision, we are here to fight these CRA decisions for you, protect your interest, and get you what you deserve.

We offer a wide variety of solutions to your tax problems, including payment plan, unfiled returns, tax planning, audit facilitation, Voluntary Disclosure Program, and Taxpayer Relief Application.

Dealing with the CRA can be intimidating. Let us do it for you.

contract + Corporate

It is important to set out a legal agreement in writing.  We can draft, review and negotiate the terms of your contract to ensure that your agreement is legally binding and suits your needs.

We also assist with corporate transactions, including incorporation, preparing shareholder agreements, share and asset transactions, and corporate restructuring.